Emergency repairs

24 hour call out service

We can help with the following emergencies

  • Boiler breakdown - lack of heating or hot water
  • Plumbing - burst pipes, leaks, broken taps
  • Electrical faults - no lights, faulty sockets
  • Carpentry repairs - locked out of your home, faulty or broken windows or glass

01424 434391 or 01233 662354

Helpful information

Gas leak

Electrical emergency

If your lights or sockets are not working or you are worried about damaged cables that may be showing wires, shut off the relevant circuit breaker on your circuit board which is usually labelled. If you are unsure, turn off the main switch and call us on 01424 434391 or 01233 662354.

Water leaks

If you are not able to contain the leak, you should turn off your stop cock to avoid further damage - Check your washing machines and dishwashers etc are turned off first. Stopcocks are usually found in kitchens, below the sink unit, however in some houses the stopcock is found in a front or back hall or in a larder beside the sink unit.
Typically they look like this:

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